Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Incentive

Well I am on the mindl.  After a better part of 2011 being spent in the hospital or bedrest,  I am finally on the upward ment.   I don't want to focus on sickness though.    I want to focus on some things I am preparing.    The warm weather gets everyone excited.  I see the birds returning and the simple sound of nature seems to have come alive.

During this time I think I have watched a million youtube videos.  Trying to learn all the tips and secrets.    Many nof you are so professional and have great ideas.

This craftnig can get expensive, So I am trying to be frugal as well.  Fixed income hurts.!!!!!!

But I am ready to go.   I have several designs in mind for some home decor.   But I need to make a stash of Birthday cards.    I want to join in on some of these Hops.   So far i don;think there is anyone close who also scraps.    That ix my journey too.

See you at the hops.

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